I offer one-on-one herbal consultations and will work with you to gain insights into your health and state of well-being, as well as discuss your herbal, dietary and lifestyle options.

Consultations are available at my home practice in Sunnyside Road, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, where I also keep a fully stocked herbal dispensary with tinctures, teas, creams and much more. Telephone and Skype consultations are also possible, if appropriate.

Opening hours:

Monday: closed

Tuesday to Friday:  10am to 6pm

Saturday:  9am to 12pm

Sunday:  closed

What happens during a consultation?

During your first consultation, I will build up a picture of you and your health by:

• Taking your full case history
• Asking about your family’s medical history
• Discussing your diet and lifestyle
• Finding out about any medication or supplements you use

This allows me to assess the underlying causes of your illness and formulate a mixture of herbs tailored to your individual needs.

It may also be necessary to take your blood pressure or arrange for other tests to be done.

Your individual treatment plan will include herbal remedies and, where appropriate, dietary changes or nutritional supplements. Most herbal medicines are given in the form of a liquid tincture that is taken in 5ml doses two or three times daily. You may also be prescribed a herbal tea, tablets, ointment, cream or lotion.

After the initial consultation, three or four shorter consultations are usually necessary to assess your progress, followed by check-ups every three to six months, depending on the nature of your condition. This protocol may vary, as each individual is unique and will respond differently to herbal treatment. Because herbal medicines work in a gentle and subtle way, they can take longer to work than orthodox drugs, but their effects are long lasting and there should be no side effects.