Introduction to Herbal Medicine Course: ‘I have just completed Kristine’s On-line course and was so inspired that I immediately signed up for her monthly study group. Her teaching style is warm, engaging and inspiring. Kristine is so obviously passionate about passing on this ancient earth wisdom, as she was introduced to it by her maternal grand mother.She combines her scientific and medicinal knowledge as a trained medical herbalist with an anecdotal style and copious references to ancient sacred herbal lore. This is a compelling combination. Familiar hedgerow herbs and flowers, kitchen spices and common fruits and vegetables….everything right under our noses and free and easily accessible. I would highly recommend Kristine’s course to anyone wishing to deepen their connection to Mother Earth and her generous bounty. In Kristine she has given us a generous loving healer and teacher’. Laura-Jane Clare

Introduction to Herbal Medicine Course: I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your course. I was fascinated by how powerful herbs can be & how many forgotten ‘weeds’ we have in our countryside that can be so therapeutic!
Not only are you a great herbalist but have a natural teaching style that is both engaging & inspiring. You clearly have spent a long time putting the course together & I loved the mix of media with videos & you talking through lots of information & the written chapters for us then to be able to absorb in our own time.
I am now constantly identifying plants & researching their therapeutic benefits! I have a freezer full of berries waiting for chilly & wet afternoons when I can make some more remedies to help my family & friends! I would definitely recommend this course to anyone else interested in natural healing. Thank you so much. Carine Evans

Introduction to Herbal Medicine Course: Kristine’s passion shines through and she delivers a fascinating subject in such as way that you are grabbing your boots and outdoors searching. Walks become a treasure hunt, and I can’t help telling everyone the benefits of the humble haw berry! Preventative medicine is growing all around us!! We just have to learn how to use it for our individual needs. The six week course covered a huge amount of the subject. It was diverse, involved and very interactive. It is a great place to start if you, like me, are inquisitive about promoting your own health and those around you. Personally, I think this should be taught in schools, children would love it, as I did. George Davis, Great Missenden.

Introduction to Herbal Medicine Course:  I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, I find your narrative easy and accessible to follow and easier for me to understand than the books I have read in the past. The online materials were so much more in-depth and thorough than I had expected and you can see that you have taken a lot of time to set it all up, so thank you. I am of course still novice, but feel that the information I’ve taken on board has done what I hoped it would, I can name a few plants I couldn’t before and I am making a few simple treatments at home, all I wanted was a better connection with my environment and the knowledge to create a few ritual healing products for my family. I would really like to do another course in future with you. Liz Williams

Introduction to Herbal Medicine Course: I have massively enjoyed the 6 week course and am sad that it’s come to an end.  The lessons were really informative without being too difficult to understand. I have been much more able to go out and identify plants successfully since the class, which I have fallen in love with. I love the fact that I can bring home something from nature and either put it in a vinegar or dry it for a cream, which is super satisfying.  I am building up a lovely little store of concoctions for my family without the need to dive into pharmaceuticals first. I would love to be part of the spring class to see what is in nature then. Many thanks for opening my eyes to the possibilities of using herbs for wellness. Catherine Fenemer

‘The main reason I came to see Kristine was because I was having an ’empty nest’ wobble. I had watched a youtube series on plants as medicine, and I was just curious if herbal medicine could help my difficult feelings. From the moment I met Kristine, I could tell that she was really listening to me. After a thorough consultation, she made a herbal medicine blend that was really tailored to me and my needs. I was a bit of a sceptic, if I’m honest, but I can certainly say that, having been taking it for some months, I feel back in balance and back on an even keen emotionally. Niggly digestive issues have also cleared up and I have better quality sleep. Last week I was amazed to find that my cholesterol level had come down to a level I’ve not had since 2003!’ Deborah E, Chalfont St Peter

‘I first brought my son who suffers from gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD) to see Kristine in 2018, when he was four years old. Kristine was always so friendly, helpful and reassuring to my son and I. She has worked hard to find the best herbal medicine combination for him, whilst also trying to make it as easy as possible for him to take, and for me to manage. She has now been treating him for two years; his symptoms are much reduced and we have recently been able to reduce his PPI dose, which we are very happy about!’ Sophie S, Chesham

‘I can’t speak highly enough of Kristine. I met her on one of her workshops and arranged a consultation. She is very friendly, attentive and knowledgeable. I’ve been trying to conceive for years and have always had hormonal issues. I had come to the end and had pretty much given up hope on the situation, but after a few appointments with Kristine things are looking up. She didn’t just address the “getting pregnant” problem, we spoke about every area of my life and how she can help. I love how she just seems to care about you and your situation, which is hard to come by. Also the herbal tea on every visit is a lovely touch :)’ Heidi D-S, Aylesbury

‘The warming muscle cream is such a magic potion! With all the rain yesterday I had a lot of pain in my left thumb area, and the cream helped so much! As for the rose cream, do you sell it by the bucket load? It’s gorgeous!’ Anne G.

“I happened upon herbal medicine last year, and it resonated so strongly that I decided to find a practitioner. I found Kristine through the NIMH website. I love going to see her in her calm practice room, where we drink her delicious home made herbal teas and discuss what I might need support with. She then measures out a personalised herbal mix for me, which addresses both physical and emotional elements. I’ve been delighted with the results and really embrace the holistic approach of herbal medicine. Kristine is professional, warm and friendly and I would recommend her wholeheartedly” Wendy H, Tring

“After seeing Kristine over the last year and taking her herbal tinctures my reflux symptoms, digestive problems and overall wellbeing have greatly improved. Kristine is always very professional, sympathetic and medically knowledgeable and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others” Jean D, Hyde Heath.

In July 2018 I was bitten by a tick and suffered chronic exhaustion, rheumatic pain, night sweats, a whole gamit of issues with my health despite being on antibiotics. I was determined to get my health back and research became an obsession. I didn’t know if I had Lyme disease (it’s very difficult to get a diagnosis) and there seems to be a wormhole with it and the NHS. I had to try an alternative. Online there was much written about people’s experiences and what they had self prescribed, but I wanted something adjusted for me not just the next fad. After looking up” herbalists near me ” on a popular search engine I found Kristine.  At the first appointment we thoroughly discussed my health history and Kristine formulated a plan, this consisted of adjusting my diet and lifestyle and taking the bespoke herbal mix that she made in front of me. I needed to focus on my health and immune system rather than a particular disease. We met again after a few weeks and adjustments were made accordingly. Steadily I made progress. It wasn’t an easy journey, elimination diet is key, certain foods and beverages became like a poison to me and my body would react when my guard dropped. Once I didn’t have the daily drain of sugar, gluten, lactose and caffeine, the herbs could get to work. After 2-3 months I could see a noticeable difference and after 6-8 months I felt 90 percent back to normal. I have been dedicated to my twice a day herbal medicine just over a year, and we are discussing a step down process now. If your health is not on the right track, I recommend a visit to Kristine’s studio, drinking a cup of her soothing tea and start your journey to recovery. Meanwhile I’m off to have my once a day coffee, which I really appreciate now. Thank you Kristine 🙂 – George D., Great Missenden

‘Thank you for sending me another bottle of your tasty immunity syrup, it’s the only thing that works – it really is a magic formula!‘ – Lora M., London

‘Kristine is a very skilled professional and I highly recommend her. She offers a personal approach and carefully selects tinctures, herbs and tea for you specifically. I am very happy to have taken the step to see her. After a few weeks I already feel so much better, more energetic, more balanced. I am delighted, over the moon. Definitely give it a go!’ – Heidi D., Belgium

‘Kristine has been my herbalist for many years and her knowledge of herbs and gentle care has made all the difference to my mental wellbeing.’  Christina G., Kentish Town

‘The relaxing tea you prescribed is definitely helping. I feel more settled and I feel like I am going about life in a less stressed way. I also take your immune syrup every morning and it is keeping bugs away. Thank you again for your help.’ Katie G., Bristol

‘Your chamomile tea is amazing! So much tastier than teabags and no radioactive yellow colour like with teabags. I really enjoyed it!’ – G. Shah, Amersham

‘Your Winter Wonder Tea is delicious! Drinking it gave me an instant warm home-coming feeling! Exactly what you need this time of year! Thank you, Kristine.’ – Tanja V., Lebbeke

‘I was an account manager in advertising for almost 20 years in Brussels, an exciting world with a touch of glamour, but also fast-paced and performance driven with a lot of pressure. I was doing great but occasionally suffered from nausea, allergies, muscle aches and insomnia. One afternoon in May my energy and self-confidence suddenly left me and I crashed. The doctor diagnosed me with professional burn-out. The following weeks and months were difficult. Early August I saw Kristine and she was very concerned about me. We had a long conversation about my symptoms, emotions and much more. A few days later a herbal tea arrived in the post. Kristine had tailor-made a herbal tea, just for me, each herb with its own purpose – one to strengthen, one to improve self-confidence, one to uplift, one to help promote sleep and so on. I started drinking two cups of my ‘power tea’. It was a turning point in my recovery! I now take regular walks in nature, enjoy regular yoga classes, changed my diet, started seeing a career coach etc. Some days are better than others, but my ‘power tea’ remains an ally in my rehabilitation. Kristine’s sound advice, insights and her tea mix continue to help me recover.’ – Sophie D., Belgium