‘Thank you for sending me another bottle of your tasty immunity syrup, it’s the only thing that works – it really is a magic formula!‘ – LM, London


‘Kristine is a very skilled professional and I highly recommend her. She offers a personal approach and carefully selects tinctures, herbs and tea for you specifically. I am very happy to have taken the step to see her. After a few weeks I already feel so much better, more energetic, more balanced. I am delighted, over the moon. Definitely give it a go!’ – HD, Belgium


‘Kristine has been my herbalist for many years and her knowledge of herbs and gentle care has made all the difference to my mental wellbeing.’  CG, Kentish Town


‘The relaxing tea you prescribed is definitely helping. I feel more settled and I feel like I am going about life in a less stressed way. I also take your immune syrup every morning and it is keeping bugs away. Thank you again for your help.’ KG, Bristol


‘Your chamomile tea is amazing! So much tastier than teabags and no radioactive yellow colour like with teabags. I really enjoyed it!’ – G Shah, Amersham


‘Your Winter Wonder Tea is delicious! Drinking it gave me an instant warm home-coming feeling! Exactly what you need this time of year! Thank you, Kristine.’ – TV, Lebbeke


‘I was an account manager in advertising for almost 20 years in Brussels, an exciting world with a touch of glamour, but also fast-paced and performance driven with a lot of pressure. I was doing great but occasionally suffered from nausea, allergies, muscle aches and insomnia. One afternoon in May my energy and self-confidence suddenly left me and I crashed. The doctor diagnosed me with professional burn-out. The following weeks and months were difficult. Early August I saw Kristine and she was very concerned about me. We had a long conversation about my symptoms, emotions and much more. A few days later a herbal tea arrived in the post. Kristine had tailor-made a herbal tea, just for me, each herb with its own purpose – one to strengthen, one to improve self-confidence, one to uplift, one to help promote sleep and so on. I started drinking two cups of my ‘power tea’. It was a turning point in my recovery! I now take regular walks in nature, enjoy regular yoga classes, changed my diet, started seeing a career coach etc. Some days are better than others, but my ‘power tea’ remains an ally in my rehabilitation. Kristine’s sound advice, insights and her tea mix continue to help me recover.’ – SD, Belgium