Botanical Festival – Autumn Herbal Medicine Workshop – 6th October 2021




Autumn Herbal Medicine Workshop:
Seasonal Herbs for Health & Wellbeing

Wednesday 6th October, 10.00 am to 12 noon
at Where Inspirations Blooms, the Barn, Chartridge Lodge, Chesham HP5 2TU

Workshop details

“The ability to make a remedy from local surroundings is one of the most basic life skills. It is the result of a dialogue with the natural world which has brought me so much joy. Many of the skills known as recently as our grandparents’ generation are already forgotten and I hope to help to bridge that gap with this workshop.”

This workshop is a celebration of the Botanical Festival at ‘Where Inspiration Blooms’, the perfect venue for therapeutic, healing crafts and creative ventures. October is the perfect time to gather roots and fruits and prepare remedies for the colder months ahead. This hands-on workshop, set in the gorgeous barn of ‘Where Inspiration Blooms’, combines theory and practice. I will teach you how to help protect yourself and your family against colds, flu, coughs, aching muscles, tiredness and much more.

      • We will start with a short herbal walk around the beautiful grounds of ‘Where Inspiration Blooms’, identifying and discussing any seasonal plants and fruits we may find.
      • We will then gather inside the cosy barn for a cup of autumnal herbal tea and will discuss the most common seasonal problems and appropriate herbal approaches and remedies.
      • Finally, I will show you how to make a few seasonal herbal preparations, which you can take home at the end of the workshop.

All ingredients, materials and notes are provided, so you can just get on and enjoy your time here. Book early to avoid disappointment, as there are only 16 spaces available for this workshop!

Link to bookings: Autumn Herbal Medicine Workshop


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