Minor Ailments

Minor Ailments & Seasonal Remedies Scheme

You will not need to have a full consultation if your health concern is minor and self-limiting (cough and colds for example). But, as I don’t have a shop where people can pop in for some over the counter advice and go away with a herbal preparation, I have to adapt. Also, Government legislation has guided how people access herbal medicine so I want to make it easier for people to access a full range of herbs.

If you are a registered client of mine you will have access to the ​Minor Ailments & Seasonal Remedies scheme (all clients who have seen me for a Full Consultation are automatically registered). To become registered involves having a short 15 minute consultation to establish any health issues you may have and to record any conventional medication you may be currently taking. This will then give you access to The Crafty Herbalist’s range of Minor Ailment and Seasonal Remedies only. You will only need to register once and the cost of registration (£15) can be put toward a full consultation should you need it any time in the future.

An example of the type of remedies: cough mixture, mouthwash, various herbal teas, cold/flu remedies, hay fever remedies, plus many more. There are limits to what a “minor ailment” is and just as you might need to see a GP rather than the Pharmacist, this too applies to needing to see a Herbalist for a full consultation. This can apply for chronic conditions, reoccurring problems, or where medication may need monitoring alongside herbal treatment.

​The advantage of a full consultation is spending time with the Herbalist to take into account your full medical history, building up a picture of you so the herbal remedy will be fully tailored to each individual’s need.

If you are not sure if you qualify, have any questions regarding the scheme, or would like to book an appointment, please contact me and I will be happy to help.